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Why Sara Evans Was “Wailing” While Writing a Song About Her Teenage Son

For some guardians, viewing their tyke graduate secondary school is a mixed minute that expedites tears — and loads of them. Sara Evans was the same, aside from the tears for her child’s real breakthrough came somewhat sooner than anticipated.

A month after child Avery wrapped his senior year, Sara Evans has discharged her eighth studio collection Words. Highlighted on the blue grass collection is the track “Releasing You” — a melody devoted to her prospective 18 year old and her mistrust, as a mother, in how rapidly time has passed.

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“It’s incredible to me,” the nation vocalist, 46, told PEOPLE. “Each parent will disclose to you when they get to that point in their kid’s life — particularly their firstborn — that you simply stay there and go, ‘Where did the time go? How could we arrive so quick?'”

For Evans — who’s additionally mother to little girls Olivia, 14, and Audrey, 12 — composing the tune was a particularly troublesome process and one that expedited many tears in the studio.

“When we were composing ‘Releasing You,’ we were wailing,” uncovered Evans, who co-composed the melody with two other ladies. “That is to say, truly crying since we as a whole three have children. It was quite recently so enthusiastic that day.”

However, getting enthusiastic about her child’s move into adulthood is something Evans tries to abstain from, clutching the possibility that Avery will always be her “infant kid.”

“I do whatever it takes not to truly harp on it such a great amount as in it’ll make me discouraged however Avery’s my infant kid,” she clarified. “Despite the fact that he’s 17 and however many inches taller than I am, and he’s greater me than me and he plays football, he’s a man. Be that as it may, he’s as yet my child and in some ways, it’s staggering.”


With respect to her child’s response to the melody, Sara Evans says “he adored it” and “thought it was so cool.”

Avery, whom Sara Evans described as a gifted guitar player, drummer and songwriter, is looking to follow in his mother’s footsteps and pursue music while in college. Although no official university decision has been made yet,Sara Evans is thrilled that her son has endless opportunities in front of him.

“He took his ACT for the first time with literally no tutoring or anything — he just took it cold — and he made a 30,” Sara Evans told PEOPLE with pride. “We’re super excited that he’ll be able to go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants. He’s really, really smart.”

And although the mom-of-three is sad to see her son grow older, she’s excited for this new chapter in Avery’s life.

“As a parent, you really do enjoy every phase of their lives; I’m so excited for him,” Sara Evans revealed. “To watch him blossom as a musician himself has just been such a joy and I can’t wait to see what his future holds.”


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