Nicole Kidman is no stranger to the excitement of nomination morning. The iconic Australian actress is a four-time Oscar nominee, winning for her stirring depiction of Virginia Woolf in 2002’s The Hours.

Nicole kidman ortaya koyuyor

But it was Nicole Kidman work on the small screen in HBO’s Big Little Lies that earned Kidman her second Emmy nomination

How are you feeling? Is it safe to state you were alert?

Goodness. I’m simply feeling a ton of goodness. Yes, I’m wide alert and unbelievably charmed – really flabbergasted that this arrangement associated along these lines. I’m entirely Los Angeles. I’m here on the grounds that my significant other (Keith Urban) is recording some music. I just dropped my children off at camp.

It begun with a meeting with Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies creator) at a bistro in Sydney …

I know. It’s inconceivable. It began this with just discussion and a book and a kinship and out of it sprouted an arrangement that is associated in such a major way … and associated around the world.

In a year like this, where it felt like ladies were being thought little of, TV demonstrated their quality. How was it to be a piece of that story?

This arrangement was conceived out of a dissatisfaction of insufficient parts – intriguing, convoluted parts – for ladies. Reese and I felt like we weren’t being given the parts that are kind of multi-layered and perfectly composed. That was the initiation of it.

Nicole Kidman

For it at that point to be composed by David Kelley – carrying out muddled and clever ladies with feeling and managing issues that are truly of now and essential and pertinent.

For that to have been grasped and associated with a world crowd is recently astounding. Furthermore, ideally the business will pay heed that individuals are reacting. That is the energy of TV. That immediate association TV has on individuals’ lives.

Is it ambivalent to be up against your co-star Reese?

Nicole Kidman

I think we consider it to be a union. We’ve generally been a group, we will dependably be a group.

This is a sweet spot for every one of us. We’re wanting to assemble a moment arrangement of it. It’s moving. We’re all extremely specific. We just need to make it if it’s as great or better, we would prefer not to make another season if it’s most certainly not. Along these lines, we’ll see. – Los Angeles Times/Tribune News Service/Yvonne Villarreal



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